Fire tablet 2021 Modification

I was looking at the new 10.1 fire tablet 2021 from amazon. I needed a media tablet to watch TV shows and movies on. Hence the title Fire tablet 2021 Modification allows me to create a better tablet. That is the whole purpose of the unit. But like others who have complained about the amazon fire tablet ecosystem. Amazon loads tons of bloat wear on the tablet that slows it down so much. Actually, with all the amazon stuff running in the background it eats up over 27% CPU and memory at any given time.

Fire tablet 2021 Modification

Well, it is time to take back that 27% that Amazon is choking the life out of the tablet. First I recommend doing the first startup and only picking the language. Then do a reboot of the unit. This will allow the skip this setup to appear. Do not connect it to the WIFI at all before the next step. Download and run the Fire toolbox. You can find the link on the XDA website here. FIRETOOLBGOX. Also, I recommend viewing this video on Youtube Here! This video will guide you through the Fire ToolBox setup process.

Here is the tablet I bought and the case on Amazon.

Fire Tablet:


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