Parblo A610

I purchased the Parblo A610 on Dec. 15, 2016. I can not believe this drawing tablet is still going strong and working great. But I have just placed an order for a newer version with a battery-free pen. Which I never ran out of power during use. The Parblo product is built to last. I mean my A610 still looks brand new due to the fact that I have the protective skin on it.

Before the Parblo A610, I had a Wacom tablet that worked until one day they decided to stop supporting mac drivers for the tablet. At the time I was a Mac fanboy and only used Mac products. But since then I made the switch back to windows and never looked back.

Parblo A610

It has been one of the best drawing tablets that I have purchased in over 20yrs. Here are the specs for the A610 which is not discontinued on Amazon, but they still support the drivers and support for the unit. Even after 5 yrs of service for these devices.

Parblo A610 Specs:

  • Slim, sleek, super lightweight panel with compact design and delicate craftsmanship.
  • Up to 2048 levels pressure sensitivity let the panel feel your pressure precisely.
  • 10″ x 6″ Large active area, 5080LPI resolution, 230 RPS bring smooth using experience, similar to a thin paper.
  • 3-button mouse commands and 8 shortcut keys, ease of operation saving more time.
  • Drawing painting, sketching, handwriting, marking, signaturing, a couple of uses./list

As I say goodbye to the Parblo A610. I do welcome the new Parblo Intangbo M Please when you can check out!

If you have any question about this tablet drop me a message here! -> Contact ME!