Guy Séguin: A Journey of Friendship and Mixed Media Mastery

Discover the captivating artistry of Guy Séguin, a master of mixed media. From photography to paintings, his talent knows no bounds. Explore his world!

Jul · 2023

guy seguin a journey of friendship and mixed media mastery

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In today’s interconnected world, friendships that transcend geographical boundaries are not uncommon. For Scot, Guy Séguin is more than just a friend; he is a close photography companion with whom Scot shares a long-lasting bond. Despite the physical distance between them, their friendship thrived over the internet for years until an extraordinary event brought Guy, along with his wife Roxane and child, to Scot’s home. Hailing from the picturesque island of Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine off the coast of Quebec, Guy Séguin is not only a gifted photographer but also a skilled painter and artist. With over 28 exhibitions worldwide showcasing his breathtaking photography and paintings, he is undoubtedly a true master of mixed media art.

A Journey from Cyberspace to Reality:

In the age of the internet, virtual friendships have become increasingly common. Scot and Guy Séguin met online, sharing their passion for photography and art. Over the years, they nurtured a close bond despite living miles apart. Then, a few years ago, something extraordinary happened – Guy and his family embarked on a grand tour of North America, and fate brought them to Scot’s doorstep. The small island of Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, with its stunning natural beauty, seemed like an unlikely starting point for such an adventure. But Guy’s love for exploration and art knew no bounds.

Guy Séguin: The Master of Mixed Media Art:

A visit to Guy Séguin’s website, is an awe-inspiring experience. His portfolio showcases a remarkable fusion of photography, paintings, and various art forms that transcend traditional boundaries. With over 28 exhibitions spanning the globe, Guy has earned recognition and acclaim for his exceptional talent. His mixed media creations are a testament to his versatility as an artist.


Guy’s keen eye and deep appreciation for nature and its beauty are evident in his photography. Whether capturing the picturesque landscapes of Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine or documenting life’s candid moments, his photographs exude emotion and evoke a sense of wonder in the viewer.


As a painter, Guy Séguin channels his artistic vision onto canvas, creating vibrant and mesmerizing artworks. His brushstrokes seem to dance with life, telling stories and conveying emotions in a way only a true artist can.

Mixed Media Masterpieces:

Guy’s true brilliance shines when he combines photography with painting and other artistic techniques. His mixed media artworks bridge the gap between reality and imagination, offering viewers a unique visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Legacy and Influence:

Guy Séguin’s impact extends beyond the borders of his tiny island home. His artwork has touched the hearts of countless individuals worldwide, inspiring fellow artists and igniting a passion for mixed media creations. The unique blend of photography and painting in his works challenges traditional norms and encourages artistic exploration.


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Guy Séguin, the remarkable artist from Les Îles-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, is not only a close friend to Scot but also a creative genius whose art transcends boundaries. His mastery of mixed media allows him to craft pieces that leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to experience them. With over 28 exhibitions worldwide and a growing legacy, Guy’s impact on the world of art is undeniable. As he continues to explore new artistic frontiers, his artistic journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and a reminder of the power of friendship forged through a shared love for art.


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