Ted Vieira: The Quintessential Film Photographer of Las Vegas

Discover Ted Vieira, a talented film photographer based in Las Vegas. Check out his YouTube channel, Photography Matters Podcast, and stunning portfolio. Book a photosession for an unforgettable experience.

Jul · 2023

ted vieira the quintessential film photographer of las vegas

Ted Vieira: The Quintessential Film Photographer of Las Vegas


In the vibrant city of Las Vegas, there is one photographer who captures its essence like no other—Ted Vieira. A close friend and an exceptional film photographer, Ted’s passion shines through in every frame. From his captivating YouTube channel and insightful podcast to his remarkable portfolio on his website, Ted Vieira is a name every photography enthusiast should know.

The Master of Film Photography:

Renowned for his expertise and mastery in film photography, Ted Vieira skillfully crafts images that evoke nostalgia and raw emotions. His dedication to preserving the authenticity and artistry of film sets him apart in the digital-dominated era.

YouTube Channel and Podcast:

Ted Vieira’s YouTube channel offers a wealth of informative and inspiring videos, sharing his knowledge and experiences with photographers of all levels. His Photography Matters Podcast delves deeper into the creative and technical aspects of photography, with engaging conversations and thought-provoking topics.

Portfolio and Website:

Explore Ted Vieira’s impressive portfolio on his website, showcasing his versatility and ability to capture the essence of his subjects. Each image tells a story, inviting viewers on a visual journey through his lens.

ted vieira jonny cheskiewicz
Photo by Ted Vieira Model: Jonny Cheskiewicz

Booking a Photosession with Ted:

Heading to Las Vegas? Book a photosession with Ted Vieira for an extraordinary experience. Whether for portraits, engagements, or commemorating your visit, his expertise and artistic vision will ensure timeless and cherished images.

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Ted Vieira, the exceptional film photographer of Las Vegas, shares his passion and expertise through his YouTube channel, podcast, and captivating portfolio. From enhancing photography skills to booking photosessions, Ted Vieira’s contributions leave a lasting impression.

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